Tiffany Woods

As the Southeast Director of Private Lands Forestry for the National Wildlife Federation, Tiffany Woods spearheads programs that intertwine the conservation of forested habitats with the economic and ecological needs of private landowners across the Southeast. With a Master’s degree from the University of Georgia (UGA) Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and an undergraduate degree from the UGA College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, she has two decades of hands-on experience in forestry, prescribed fire, landowner engagement, and community resilience. Her work emphasizes collaborative conservation, recognizing that the most effective environmental stewardship successes occurs when diverse organizations, partners and individuals unite together for a common goal.

The Southeast Forestry Program has seen the implementation of projects that restore the iconic longleaf pine ecosystem on private lands and most recently, community-owned forests. Tiffany co-leads “Longleaf for All”, a working group for America’s Longleaf Restoration Initiative, which is creating a movement of awareness and positive change for historically underserved landowners, professionals and students in the historic longleaf pine range. Tiffany's vision extends to large-scale initiatives focused on restoring native forest landscapes while directly addressing barriers of access, inclusivity and equity. Bridging the gap between conservation goals and the interests of landowners has been a hallmark of her career.

Three Black people smile and pose for a photo.

Shaping Tomorrow: Creating Opportunities to Secure Black Land Legacy

Private Lands in the Southeast Owning land is considered one of the most valuable tools for wealth creation and a tool for the transfer of wealth from generation to generation. … Read more

A person holds a large pine cone in their hands.

Longleaf for All

Eleven international leaders in natural resource management, environmental advocacy, and working with marginalized communities traveled from Atlanta to Southeast Georgia on November 10th, 2023, to learn from forestry and wildlife … Read more

A person holding a phone to their ear watches a fire burning across a highway. the fire is large and is releasing large amounts of smoke.

Prescribed Fire Field Day Highlights Healthy Forest Management & Celebrates Black History Month

On February 7th, landowners gathered at the Willie Hodges Estate Family Farm, outside of Swainsboro, Georgia, to learn about how prescribed fire can be one of the best management tools … Read more

Building a Blueprint: Longleaf Pine Restoration for Black Landowners in the Southeast

This past month, The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) in partnership with Longleaf for All, The Longleaf Alliance, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), The U.S. Forest Service and many other … Read more

Youth tree planting event

North Carolina’s Youth Plant Over 500 Longleaf Pine Trees at the Hoke Community Forest

The National Wildlife Federation, in partnership with Hoke County, planning partners, and funders, hosted a tree planting ceremony this past weekend to celebrate and initiate restoration efforts of the Hoke … Read more

Hoke community forest sign

Restoring Forests, Reinforcing a Community

Located near the Sandhills and bustling military activity of Fort Bragg, the Hoke County Community Forest is on its way to becoming an outdoor recreation haven and revenue generator for … Read more

Defensive Steps for Landowners Facing Wildfire Threats

Manual Fire Breaks Manual firebreaks can be created by exposing strips of bare soil or fire impeding vegetation meant to stop or control fire. Creating firebreaks around the perimeter of … Read more

Setting the Woods on Fire

Two weekends ago I received the call I had been waiting for. The necessary weather elements—temperature and relative humidity, among other variables—had combined to create great conditions for a prescribed forest … Read more

Restoring Longleaf Pine on Agricultural Land Benefits Wildlife

Restoring longleaf pine savannas of the southeastern United States benefits some of the world’s most diverse plant communities and wildlife species. When forests are managed with the traditionally open canopy … Read more

Camp Beneath the Southern Pines

There are things in this life of which I’m certain: I love summer, I love to camp, and I love living in and exploring the southeast. However, the combination of … Read more

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