Wildlife Facts

A Birthday Wish for NWF’s Resident Social Media Guru

A few of us at the National Wildlife Federation wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to our resident Social Media Outreach Coordinator, Danielle Brigida. If you … Read more

The Gaze of a Gray Whale

Fantastic article from this weekend’s New York Times magazine on the history of the relationship between whales and people. One of the many great stories: And then, within moments, the … Read more

Two-Minute Video: An AZ. Man Who Feeds Thousands of Hummingbirds (In A Day)

Jesse Hendrix has a ranch in Arizona along the migration route for many species of hummingbirds.  During the peak of migration, as many as 9,000 hummers will visit him in … Read more

Minute and Half Film: Baby Sea Turtles Released in Mexico

Here’s something that will help you smile. A Malibu (CA) based turtle rescue organization has instituted World Turtle Day — (It was May 23, 2009). American Tortoise Rescue, has found … Read more

Young Eagle Sees Dog As Prey

A Jack Russell Terrier recently had a run-in with a young bald eagle and, it seems, got the worst of the encounter. HometownAnnapolis.com reports: Trubee and Jurchison (dog’s owners) suspect the … Read more

What are Baby Raccoons Called…Besides Cute?

Last week, work stopped for a good half hour at the National Wildlife Federation’s headquarters in Reston, VA when a mother raccoon and four babies were spotted climbing precariously around … Read more

Amazing Wildlife Photos and the True Stories Behind Them

Since 1970, National Wildlife® magazine’s annual Photo Contest has attracted wildlife and nature enthusiasts from around the world to share their work and compete with other amateur and professional photographers. … Read more

(Second) Smallest salamander in U.S. discovered

A new and tiny species of amphibian has been discovered in Georgia. Physorg.com reports: The newly discovered salamander, which is the second-smallest salamander species in the U.S. and one of … Read more

Elephant Seals Use Robotics To Help Monitor Global Warming

They say that creatures often sense things happening to the environment before people. Here Elephant Seals are assisted by robotics — yup — ROBOTICS! CNN Technology Reports: “Elephant seals equipped … Read more

Why Are Tricolored Herons in Nantucket?

Since the 1940s, Tricolored (formerly Louisiana) Herons, a bird of the South, have been seen rarely in the Nantucket, Massachusetts area but now they are nesting there.  Some say it is … Read more