Wildlife Facts

Dave Mizejewski to Talk Bullfrogs, Bats and Backyard Campout on Tuesday’s Today Show

UPDATE 6/23: Watch David’s appearance here! NWF naturalist David Mizejewski will be making a live appearance on the Today Show tomorrow morning (June 23rd) to promote the Great American Backyard … Read more

Bizarre Blue Bug

“Is that a bug?” “No, it’s just a tiny piece of blue fuzz caught in the breeze.” “But it’s changing direction.” So went the conversation in my backyard the other … Read more

Bald Birds

At this time of year, you might start seeing something strange at your bird feeder: bald birds.  Blue jays and cardinals are the most commonly reported bald birds, but it … Read more

It’s Baby Bird Season

I was reminded this week that we are in the thick of baby bird season. I was heading out to run some errands a few nights ago and as I was getting … Read more

An Urgent Call to Protect America’s Waterways

Over at Huffington Post, Steve Fleischli says America’s waterways are under attack — and that Congress needs to act: In Southern California, the battle has taken center stage on the … Read more

“The Empress of the Docks”

The Washington Post has a fascinating profile today of a DC naturalist: In the long tradition of American self-reliance — that urge to eschew social conventions for a simpler life … Read more

NJ Volunteers Fight to Save Piping Plovers

A National Wildlife Federation expert was quoted in a recent New York Times article on New Jersey's efforts to monitor its piping plover population: Because piping plovers nest directly on … Read more

Moms Gone Wild!

Motherhood is a life-changing experience for humans and wildlife alike. Wildlife mothers devote precious resources to finding a mate, digging dens, building nests, giving birth and protecting and feeding their … Read more

Disappointing Decision on Polar Bear Protection

The decision is in, and it’s not what we were hoping for. The Obama administration has announced it will stick with the Bush administration’s regulation weakening protections for the threatened … Read more

AEI: You Can Think Polar Bears are Cute. Or Threatened. But Not Both.

While we’re waiting on a decision from the Obama administration on protecting polar bears, I thought I’d  pass along this little laugher from the American Enterprise Institute: The National Wildlife … Read more