February, 2009 Archives

Help NWF Decide On A New Website Design

2/28/2009 // By Danielle Brigida

While the NWF has been VERY busy protecting wildlife, saving habitat and connecting people with nature–some of us have also been working hard to make our website, www.nwf.org more user friendly and engaging. We would love your input and are …

Environmental Justice Takes Center Stage at Power Shift ’09 Opening Session

2/28/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Power Shift, a conference and lobby event that aimed to bring 10,000 young people to the Capitol to take action on climate change and environmental degradation, took a turn for the socially-aware at last night's opening keynote speeches. Almost 12,000 …

Science Fair Project Ideas: Wildlife Watch

2/27/2009 // By Jessica Jones

In springtime, countless parents, teachers and home school instructors look for fun, educational science projects to perform with their kids. Whether it is a one-time only exercise or a large-scale seasonal project, why not use National Wildlife Federation’s Wildlife Watch …

Video: How Cap-and-Trade Works

2/26/2009 // By Miles Grant

Ever since President Obama called on Congress to pass a carbon cap, we've been getting questions about how a cap-and-trade system would work. Here's a short video explaining it, take a look:

Bird Movements Reveal Global Warming Impacts

2/25/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

North American birds are moving northward and inland in response to global warming, according to a new in-depth report by the National Audubon Society. Analyses of citizen-gathered data from 40 years of Audubon's Christmas Bird Count (CBC) reveal that 58 …

Healthy Forests Absorb 1/5 Of Global Warming Pollution

2/25/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Tropical trees have grown bigger over the past half century and now absorb 20 percent of global warming pollution from the atmosphere, emphasizing the urgent need to preserve threatened forests, researchers said recently. Using data collected from 250,000 trees in …

U.S. Intelligence: Global Warming Threatens Security

2/25/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

The new head of U.S. intelligence and top adviser to President Barack Obama has reiterated that global warming is a top threat to the national security of the United States. Poor countries, often with weaker governance systems, will be hit …

Study: Huge Electric Productivity Gap, Efficiency Alone Could Save States Money

2/25/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Simply using energy more efficiently could narrow some state budget gaps, according to a new Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) report. Efficiency alone could cut 30 percent of U.S. electric use and avoid the need for 60 percent of coal-fired power …

Momentum For Climate Action Picks Up Steam In The Nation’s Capital

2/25/2009 // By Global Warming Staff

Momentum for comprehensive climate legislation is mounting in Washington, DC. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he wants to introduce a bill to tackle global warming by the end of this summer. In an interview, Sen. Reid told the AP …

President Obama: “It begins with energy.”

2/25/2009 // By Miles Grant

That was how President Obama introduced his roadmap for economic recovery last night in his first address to Congress (read the text or watch the video). The President knows we can’t silo our economic, energy, and climate crises –- and …