February, 2009

Birds Push Northward to Cope with Climate Change

For quite some time we've discussed how birds are affected by climate change. Here is a new National Audubon Society study finds that global warming is forcing migratory birds to … Read more

Bold Climate Action In Maryland, Oregon

The governors or Maryland and Oregon announced this month bold steps toward curbing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Under a new program supported by Gov. Ted Kulongoski, … Read more

Study: Penguins Risk Extinction Due To Sea Ice Reductions

A new study projects that Emperor Penguins have a 36 percent chance of quasi-extinction by 2100 due to reductions in sea ice. Studies have reported important effects of global warming … Read more

Green Buildings: Stimulus For Schools, Facilities

Last week green building advocates pushed Congress to restore slashed stimulus funding to "green" schools and federal buildings, after cash was cut in a compromise leading up to the Senate … Read more

Stimulus First Step to Repowering America's Economy

Congressional leaders have passed a final economic recovery package. "This stimulus package is a good down-payment for putting America on the road to economic recovery,” said Adam Kolton, senior director … Read more

Ball State to spend $66M on ground-source heat

Ball State university, long a leader in climate action (and frequent sustainability conference host), has just approved drilling almost four thousand closed-loop wells to heat and cool the campus. Ground-source … Read more

George Will Still Doesn’t Get the ’70s

No, not the cultural side of the '70s (though judging by that haircut and those glasses, I doubt he was loving the disco era). I'm talking about the decade's temperatures. … Read more

Valentine’s Day: Weird Wildlife Mating Rituals

While they might not be giving roses and writing love poems, wildlife have some pretty fascinating–and sometimes downright bizarre–courtship and mating rituals of their own.You won’t find singles bars or … Read more

I “Heart” the Earth

Give back to the Earth for Valentine’s Day. Organize a neighborhood clean-up for play spaces, parks, or trails. Will your kids want to help? You bet. They might grouse about … Read more

Salazar Scraps Sale Of Oil, Gas Leases

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said recently the government is throwing out the leases of 77 parcels of federal land for oil and gas drilling in Utah's redrock country. "In the … Read more