February, 2009

U.S. Needs Climate Action Partnership With China

The world’s two top polluters must act swiftly and work together with global warming solutions to save the planet from devastating climate change. A report produced in part by the … Read more

U.S. Agriculture And Food Supplies May Be Slammed By Global Warming, Drought

California, the nation's leading agricultural producer, may be hit particularly hard by the effects of climate change and drought, with dire consequences on the industry and our food supplies, a … Read more

Climate Action On Capitol Hill

The U.S. Senate passed an economic recovery package today, setting up a conference committee to reconcile its version with a House of Representatives bill. Adam Kolton, National Wildlife Federation's senior … Read more

Dancing = education?

Does a teacher have to dance to teach good science? Richard Alley of Penn State does (you can see the original post at DotEarth here), twisting around and waving his … Read more

Stimulus Bill a Unique Chance to Repower America’s Economy

As a Congressional conference committee considers final changes to the economic recovery package,  the National Wildlife Federation has joined a coalition of conservation organizations to send a joint letter to … Read more

Balancing Nostalgia with Efficiency

Retrofitting historical buildings for greater energy efficiency is no easy task for those also interested in faithfully preserving an aged structure. This was certainly true for the team involved in … Read more

Your Recommended Daily Allowance of Real Food

On a sunny day in October 2008, ten students marched across Brown University’s campus with a very small message for the school’s vice president. Rather, they carried hundreds of very … Read more

Finding Solutions in the First 100 Days of a New Administration

Five minutes before the meeting started, Scott Lupin, Director of the Office of Sustainability at UMD, could already see that more chairs would be needed. The room was packed, and … Read more

Communication and Finesse Crucial to Successful Temperature Setbacks

If you’re not going to be there, turn the heat down. That’s the essence of a temperature setback program. Institution-wide temperature setback programs effectively conserve energy and reduce the carbon footprint of … Read more

Important Vote this Week–Help Secure 2 Million Acres of Public Lands

The past month has been huge for our public lands! In early January, the U.S. Senate passed sweeping legislation to provide historic protections for millions of acres of America’s cherished … Read more