February, 2009

Cultivating Responsibility: Liberal Arts Schools’ Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture

Gordon Jones is majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainable Agriculture. As he speaks, a handsaw growls in the background while a student repairs an ax handle. From … Read more

Buying Carbon Neutrality: New Protocol Suggests Wise Investments

Parents and students who attended Oberlin College’s 2008 commencement had an extra reason to be proud: the event was among the nation’s first carbon-neutral graduations. All the greenhouse gasses emitted … Read more

Never-Ending Story: Moving Forward on Climate Action Planning

Late last year, Brett Pasinella, Coordinator of Climate and Biodiversity Initiatives at University of New Hampshire (UNH), had to make some adjustments in the Climate Action Plan (CAP) of the … Read more

Previewing President Obama’s First Congressional Address

President Obama will be on national television tonight at 9pm eastern. He'll deliver his first presidential  address to Congress, laying out his plans for the year ahead. It's a remarkable … Read more

Great Lakes, Raw Sewage, New Jobs and You

How are the Great Lakes, raw sewage, new jobs and you related? Well, this week, National Wildlife Federation supporters like you are in our Capitol asking our leaders to restore … Read more

Just A Few More Days ‘Til Power Shift!

In a little over a week, I will become a Congresswoman. Actually, I’ll just be pretending for a day in a mock lobbying session to help train the thousands of … Read more

Wildlife on the Red Carpet

This penguin may not be at the Oscars tonight, but director Werner Herzog will be there for his film: Encounters at the End of the World If you're watching the … Read more

What the Stimulus Package will do for Wildlife

At first glance, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act might not appear to have much to do with our natural world. It includes money to get Americans back to work, to help homeowners manage … Read more

Bird Watching: The American Robin

Robins in Winter? American robins are found throughout North America and are a symbol of winter’s end. The first appearance of a robin is a sure sign that spring has sprung. But … Read more

Rate of Climate Change Outpacing Predictions

  An article in The Washington Post over the weekend Scientists: Pace of Climate Change Exceeds Estimates highlighted that climate change may happen at a faster pace than predicted.Global greenhouse … Read more