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Brenda Archambo is the Michigan Outreach Consultant for the National Wildlife Federation. Brenda organizes events and workshops to educate, engage and mobilize sportsman and woman including non-traditional partners engaged in safeguarding Michigan’s natural resources.
Senator Tom Carter with NWF's Brenda Archambo

Outdoors-women Tells U.S. Senate to Fight Smokestack Pollution

4/20/2012 // By Brenda Archambo

As a life-long outdoors-woman and outreach consultant for NWF, I was thrilled to be invited to testify before the U.S. Senate Committee of Environment and Public Works sub-committee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety on April 17, 2012. My testimony …

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Video — Michigander Speaks Up for Northern Lakes

1/23/2012 // By Brenda Archambo

Brenda Archambo’s passion for conservation took root on a frozen lake in Northern Michigan. A fourth generation angler, Brenda recalls one particular day she spent on Burt Lake with her grandpa when she was six. It was cold outside, but …


We Can’t Fillet Our Way Out of Mercury in Fish

12/6/2011 // By Brenda Archambo

Avid Sportsman Bob Garner explains that we “can’t fillet our way out” of the mercury problem. Listen as he talks about the impacts of mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants to our natural resources, economy and way of life. Bob …

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Video – Michigan’s Hunters and Anglers Urge Congress to Protect Clean Air

6/17/2011 // By Brenda Archambo

As a sportswoman, I am particularly concerned about mercury. Reducing mercury and air toxics will help protect our long standing investment in our outdoor heritage. Mercury settles from the air onto our lakes, rivers, and forests, polluting the environment and …