We Can’t Fillet Our Way Out of Mercury in Fish

Listen to sportsman Bob GarnerAvid Sportsman Bob Garner explains that we “can’t fillet our way out” of the mercury problem. Listen as he talks about the impacts of mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants to our natural resources, economy and way of life.

Bob is a former member of the Michigan Natural Resources Commission and former executive producer and host of the flagship television show, Michigan Out-of-Doors. He has long been an advocate for Michigan’s great outdoors. Bob is also a life-long member of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, Michigan’s oldest and largest conservation organization and NWF affiliate.

“Safeguarding Michigan’s natural resources is important sportsman who hunt, fish and spend time in the wilderness, but it is also a wise investment in our economic future. Reducing mercury and air toxics will help protect our long standing investment in our outdoor heritage.”

Last week week, Michigan’s sportsmen and women joined Bob Garner and scientist Dr. Dave Evers on a tele-townhall dedicated to the discussion of safeguarding Michigan’s natural resources from impacts of mercury pollution on fish and wildlife.

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