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Global warming continues to impact wildlife

8/3/2006 // By Kristy Jones

Tigers are a valuable species and indeed, among many others, being impacted by global warming (thanks for the tip, Puja!). According to the World Wildlife Fund, the Sundarbans delta — the world’s largest mangrove ecosystem (home to tigers), which stretches […] Read more >

Is it possible to be energy efficient in hot summer weather?

7/13/2006 // By Kristy Jones

Of course! There are several ways to save energy and keep cool during the summer. When leaving home in the morning close the blinds and curtains part way to keep the sun out and keep the house cool. Avoid using […] Read more >

Make like a bear and hibernate

6/30/2006 // By Jen Fournelle

We all know how much college students love to sleep! Unfortunately most college students do not let their computers sleep at all—many are left on 24 hours a day! Computers are undoubtedly necessity for many college students and offices, although […] Read more >

Get Outta Here Invasives!

5/9/2006 // By NWF

Having just relocated to Virginia from Juneau, Alaska, I have to admit that I know next to nothing about the invasive species present here. In Alaska, the worry is that Atlantic salmon, mollusks from New Zealand, or crabs from China […] Read more >

Capture Carbon on Campus by Restoring Habitat

5/2/2006 // By NWF

(Left) University of Central Florida in Orlando commits to a fire program over the next five years that will reduce harmful fuel loads and restore native Florida habitats. Campus habitats such as forests, prairies and gardens serve two very important […] Read more >

System-Wide University Standards

4/28/2006 // By NWF

University standards for energy efficiency and clean energy are good, but system-wide standards are even better. The University of California system, where the Regents of the University system have adopted a set of Presidential sustainability policies, has set a remarkable […] Read more >

Why Can’t We All be More like Pennsylvania?

4/12/2006 // By NWF

Last month, the EPA put out a list of the Top 10 College and University Green Power Partners. These are schools replacing significant portions of the electricity they use with green power. Campuses across the country are buying green power […] Read more >

Vending Misers Cut Carbon

4/7/2006 // By NWF

Tufts University is one of several campuses and schools that use devices called “Vending Misers” to conserve energy associated with vending machines across campus. There are several manufacturers of the device. For less than $170 per machine, Tufts saves almost […] Read more >

Smith Cuts CO2 50 Percent

3/30/2006 // By NWF

Smith College is in the process of replacing 60-year-old boilers with a single turbine engine co-generation plant. It is expected to pay for itself within six years and cut campus greenhouse gas emissions in half. The plant, which will generate […] Read more >

Radio Broadcast: National Campus Energy Leader Speaks Out on Global Warming

2/2/2006 // By NWF

Commentary on climate change by Walter Simpson, University of Buffalo (UB) Energy Officer and long-time national campus sustainability advocate, was aired this morning on WBFO. His commentary, noting the news stories reporting that 2005 tied for the warmest year on […] Read more >