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Copenhagen Days 8-10 (Earth Hour, Final Conversations)

1/11/2010 // By Carly Queen

Wednesday, December 16 (Day 8) On my way to the Earth Hour event at Copenhagen's city hall square, I marveled at how many people ride their bikes through the city, despite the fact that it is incredibly cold, dark and …

Pope Calls for Global Climate Treaty in 2010

1/11/2010 // By Miles Grant

Benedict’s words certainly hold true across all peoples and faiths — we have a moral responsibility to act now to protect our children & grandchildren, wildlife and natural resources from the worst effects of global warming.

Clinton Announcement “Sets Up an Important Moment for the World”

12/17/2009 // By Miles Grant

Big news from the international climate treaty talks in Copenhagen, Denmark. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced the United States will contribute to a $100 billion fund to help developing nations deal with climate change — provided that an …

COP15 Update: The Answer is in the Forest

12/16/2009 // By Miles Grant

With deforestation responsible for roughly 15 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, we have an opportunity to bridge a significant gap between what science tells us is necessary to avoid catastrophic climate change and the amount of reductions nations like the U.S. are willing to put on the table.

Groups to Obama: Invest in a Sustainable Future

12/16/2009 // By Miles Grant

Just in from Copenhagen — a letter from a coalition of conservation organizations to President Obama.

COP15 Update: Limited Access, Tenuous Talks

12/16/2009 // By Miles Grant

Major disagreements remain between rich and poor nations regarding how to pay for what is sure to be an expensive climate treaty.

Undemocratic Curtailing of Access to Climate Talks

12/16/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

Download CEO_UNFCCC_Civil_Society_letter_final_12-16-09[1] By Larry J. Schweiger Access for nongovernmental organizations to the climate talks in the Bella Center in Copenhagen continues to be severely limited.  In response to this undemocratic situation, I and other leaders representing millions of Americans have …

Copenhagen Days 2-3 (China-US Youth Workshop, Biodiversity and Alternative Energy in the Developing World)

12/16/2009 // By Carly Queen

Thursday, December 12 (Day 2) One of the issues with getting new, clean technology into developing countries has been the worry that giving this equipment away often leads to misuse. During a panel discussion titled, "The Development Agenda for Clean …

Copenhagen Climate Event Livestream

12/15/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

By Larry J. Schweiger Livestreamed Copenhagen Event at  At 9:00am (CET) on Wednesday, December 16, the German Marshall Fund and the Nicholas Institute at Duke University will livestream an event at the COP 15 conference in Copenhagen entitled “Designing …

NWF’s Jeremy Symons: Mind the Gaps

12/14/2009 // By Miles Grant

When 120 foreign leaders converge on Copenhagen later this week, they will need to watch their step for other reasons – minding the two “gaps” that have turned these negotiations into a minefield.

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