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$12 billion to go to community colleges

7/20/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Last week, President Obama announced the creation of the American Graduation Initiative, which is expected to funnel $12 billion to community colleges to educate underemployed or unemployed workers in preparation for the day when the economy swings upwards again. "..[T]he […] Read more >

Ball State to spend $66M on ground-source heat

2/17/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Ball State university, long a leader in climate action (and frequent sustainability conference host), has just approved drilling almost four thousand closed-loop wells to heat and cool the campus. Ground-source heat pumps use constant ground temperature, which is cooler than […] Read more >

FGCU’s solar field delayed by permitting

1/14/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

In the spring, we alerted you to the Florida legislature's approval of FGCU's solar array, which is expected to cover 19 acres and produce 2MW of electricity for the university. However, to no one's surprise, the project has been delayed […] Read more >

ClimateEdu: Youth Activism, Hydrogen Cars, and more

1/13/2009 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Our latest issue is live. Here are today's headlines: Youth Activists Making Their Voices Heard at Climate TalksJoann KlimkiewiczAt climate talks in Poznan, young delegates from across the world added their voices to the debate, demanding that the global dialogue […] Read more >

Sunshine State Awards $8.5M for Solar Power to Florida Gulf Coast University

5/19/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

It’s not often that a state’s motto so appropriately fits the actions of its Congress: the Sunshine State of Florida recently passed a bill which allocates $8.5 million to Florida Gulf Coast University for the construction of 16 acres of […] Read more >

Potential for wind power at University of Utah

4/11/2008 // By Xarissa Holdaway

Christopher Hill, a biochemistry professor at the University of Utah, recently published a great op-ed in the Daily Utah Chronicle about the potential of wind power at his campus. Currently about 9% of the university’s grid power comes from wind […] Read more >

The Power of Wind

6/5/2007 // By Justin Schott

It’s hard to forget about the renewable power of wind when you’re in the presence of the 365 foot, 1.65 megawatt wind turbine perched near the summit of St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN. A few miles from St. Olaf […] Read more >

Loan Funds Boost Carbon Cuts on Campus

3/9/2006 // By NWF

At least two universities—Colorado and Harvard—use loan funds as an incentive for conservation and efficiency. At Colorado University, $100,000 plus 35% of projected project savings each year help fund capitol improvements such as solar film on the University Memorial Center, […] Read more >

Alumni Earmark Support for Sustainable Campuses

1/9/2006 // By NWF

By earmarking gifts for sustainability, alumni can greatly boost the environmental performance, research and teaching at their alma maters, generating many ancillary benefits for their schools and the wider society. Such is the case at the University of Michigan where […] Read more >

New NJEHPS ED Reports on Next Big Solar Installation

12/12/2005 // By NWF

The New Jersey Higher Education Partnership for Sustainability (NJHEPS) has just selected its new Executive Director, John Cusack, who has written several interesting articles in the most recent edition of the organization’s newsletter, including one on the installation of a […] Read more >