Potential for wind power at University of Utah

NWF   |   April 11, 2008

Wind_turbineChristopher Hill, a biochemistry professor at the University of Utah, recently published a great op-ed in
the Daily Utah Chronicle about the potential of wind power at his campus. Currently about 9% of the university’s grid power comes from wind turbines, but with a very small percentage of additional per-student costs, this amount could be increased dramatically:

"One hundred percent of the U’s share of grid electricity would come
from new wind sources if the ASUU [Associated Students of the University of Utah] donation were increased by $10 per
student per semester, each faculty and staff member donated $30 per
year, or the administration contributed less than 0.04 percent of total
U revenue."

We are especially impressed that individual departments can campaign for wind power (see the breakdown here) to cover their share of electricity needs. Many are already at 100% or more! It’s a very tangible way for campus offices to get involved on a voluntary basis, and see the results of their involvement.

Photo credit www.nrel.gov