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Clean Air Act Event, Stark State College, Ohio

Video: Too much clean air?

3/25/2011 // By Danielle Korpalski

Why would Congress seek to weaken the Clean Air Act?  Do Members of Congress really believe we have too much clean air?  These were some of the questions asked by concerned citizens last night at the National Wildlife Federation’s Clean …

Lake Erie off Sandusky, Ohio

Lake Wars: Dispatch from the Lake Erie Front

2/7/2011 // By Neil Kagan

Last October, I put the finishing touches on my last salvo ina 6-month legal battle to stop the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers from dumping massive amounts of nutrient-laden sediment in Lake Erie in 2010 — up to 800,000 cubic …

October 20, 1944: We Didn’t Start The Fire–Gas Did

10/20/2010 // By Max Greenberg

Today marks the 66th anniversary of a natural gas explosion that killed 131 people, decimating a chunk of Cleveland’s east side and leaving an indelible mark on the state of Ohio—just one in a long line of natural gas and fuel pipeline disasters that have plagued the Midwestern fuel transportation hub and the rest of the U.S.

Akron, Ohio: Seizing The Climate of Opportunity

8/24/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

The Akron Beacon Journal published this editorial Climate of Opportunity about my recent presentation to 500 business people at the Akron Roundtable. My thanks go to Fran Buchholzer, a longtime Akron resident and member of National Wildlife Federation’s President’s Advisory …

What a Difference One Volunteer Can Make

8/20/2009 // By Larry Schweiger

I had the privilege of honoring National Wildlife Federation’s Volunteer of the Year, Kathy Lewis, in Akron, Ohio last night. Kathy has been a dedicated wildlife educator and an advocate for Certified Wildlife Habitats and getting kids outside. Her passion …

Avoiding Airliner Bird Strikes By Using Warning Lights

8/17/2009 // By Kevin Coyle

Keeping birds away from airliners may be getting some help from a model airplane. Robert Benincasa at NPR reports: “When US Airways Flight 1549 made an emergency landing in the Hudson River in January after hitting geese, it turned the …

Midwest Greenhouse Gas Accord

12/5/2007 // By Josh Nelson

Nine Midwestern governors and the Premier of Manitoba yesterday signed an historic greenhouse gas accord. This has powerful implications not just for state and regional progress, but for global warming policy nationwide. In addition, it lays out a detailed road …

Moratorium on Ocean Going Ships in the Great Lakes

5/24/2007 // By Josh Nelson

The Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition today is calling for a moratorium of ocean-going ships in the Great Lakes until Congress stops the introduction of aquatic invasive species. “Our call for a moratorium stems from the fact that the Great …

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