November, 2007

150 Global Firms Seek Mandatory Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A sizable fraction of the international business community launched an effort to press for mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas emissions on the eve of a major round of climate negotiations …

Warming to Cause Flock Shock

According to the Daily Green, “there are more birders than Baptists.” With one in six Americans assumed to be a bird lover, birds have got a serious fan club. Like …

New Australian Prime Minister Signals Climate Policy Changes

Australia has a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, and he is making global warming a top priority. Rudd has pledged new leadership from Australia in the fight against global warming; …

No Need for Blues, Here’s Some Green News

Oil Spill…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: With the Cosco Busan Oil spill to clean up, the San Francisco Bay volunteers have been using a not-so-technical solution. In fact, the clean up …

Taking The Heat

Change of Climate

Trees giving bizarre clues to climate change

IPCC Preparing to Release Synthesis Report

On Saturday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release Climate Change 2007 – the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.  This important synthesis report will summarize the science, impacts, and solutions …

Ten Midwestern Leaders Sign Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord

Nine midwestern governors and the Premiere of Manitoba signed a pact Thursday to reduce greenhouse gases and start a regional carbon cap and trade program. The governors pledged to push …

November frogs sound a warning

Wildlife biologist Eric Orf, a NWF consultant, was published in the Concord Monitor on global warming and its impacts on wildlife in the state of New Hampshire. Read his powerful …

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