November, 2007

150 Global Firms Seek Mandatory Cuts in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

A sizable fraction of the international business community launched an effort to press for mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas emissions on the eve of a major round of climate negotiations …

Warming to Cause Flock Shock

According to the Daily Green, “there are more birders than Baptists.” With one in six Americans assumed to be a bird lover, birds have got a serious fan club. Like …

New Australian Prime Minister Signals Climate Policy Changes

Australia has a new prime minister, Kevin Rudd, and he is making global warming a top priority. Rudd has pledged new leadership from Australia in the fight against global warming; …

No Need for Blues, Here’s Some Green News

Oil Spill…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: With the Cosco Busan Oil spill to clean up, the San Francisco Bay volunteers have been using a not-so-technical solution. In fact, the clean up …

Taking The Heat

Change of Climate

Trees giving bizarre clues to climate change

Turkey Facts for Turkey Day

As you gobble down your Thanksgiving feast, here are a few turkey tidbits for the dinner table conversation… Wild Turkey Facts: The wild turkey was a contender for America’s national …

IPCC Preparing to Release Synthesis Report

On Saturday the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will release Climate Change 2007 – the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.  This important synthesis report will summarize the science, impacts, and solutions …

Ten Midwestern Leaders Sign Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord

Nine midwestern governors and the Premiere of Manitoba signed a pact Thursday to reduce greenhouse gases and start a regional carbon cap and trade program. The governors pledged to push …

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