No Need for Blues, Here’s Some Green News

Oil Spill…Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: With the Cosco Busan Oil spill to clean up, the San Francisco Bay volunteers have been using a not-so-technical solution. In fact, the clean up strategy is completely organic. That’s right, a combination of hair and mushrooms has been the preferred tactic in sopping up this wildlife hazard. Mats of human hair provided by Lisa Gautier, who runs the non-profit Matter of Trust, are working as sponges to absorb the oil. Oyster mushrooms are then placed on the mats and as they grow, they soak up the oil. Read the article and check out what the Ecogeek and Inhabitat blogs have to say about this inventive and eco-friendly technique. Make sure to watch the YouTube video too!

Green GoogleGoogle’s Turning Over a Green Leaf: Google is a large culprit for energy consumption but they are looking to be more energy efficient. They plan on expanding their alternative energy usage by designating hundreds of millions of dollars toward the cause (they might outspend the government!). They plan to start with solar thermal and wind energy. Read how Google plans to invest in energy solutions from the Wired Magazine.

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Published: November 28, 2007