New Jersey Releases Implementation Strategies For Climate Action Plan

New Jersey has released a draft recommendation report to deal with global
warming. The report provides scientific analyses about major sources of
greenhouse gas emissions and outlines actions that are needed to meet emission
limits established under the New Jersey Global Warming Response Act.

The state’s Department of Environmental Protection
includes 40 recommendations to be shared with stakeholders who will
examine the investment opportunities in the climate action plan. The
recommendations could help create thousands of jobs and save energy costs in the

“This draft report outlines a New Jersey where employees
commute without the frustration of traffic and the air pollution it causes,
where energy is clean, and where waste is a thing of the past. Such ambitions
are the future of our environment and our economy,” Governor Corzine said.

New Jersey is particularly vulnerable to global warming impacts, such as
sea level rise and loss of wildlife and and recreation habitat, “with
potentially devastating ecological, economic and public health impacts to New
Jersey,” according to the report.

To learn more about global warming and
New Jersey, see NWF’s Solutions to Global
Warming state-specific fact sheet
. Click here to read
more about New Jersey’s new climate action plan draft.

Published: December 30, 2008