Meet Green New Year’s Resolutions With These Sites

I know some of you out there have not only made New Year’s resolutions, but have even drawn up action plans to carry them out. The rest of us might need a little help though!

We all want to do better, both for ourselves and the world around us. Lucky for us, no matter what your goal is, there are tons of online resources out there to make your resolution a reality. Here’s a few:

  • Be Healthier: For those of us vowing to go to the gym more often, how about a way to get more exercise while also spending more time with your family and connecting with nature? Skip the gym and get healthier by visiting the many parks and green spaces all over the country. Not sure where to go? Check out NatureFind – just type in your city or zip code to get a list of parks and trails near you.

    While you’re there, be sure to check out NWF’s Green Hour too for more nature activities, especially with kids.

  • “Eat Local” was a big mantra in 2008 – with good reason. Eating food grown closer to home means supporting your area farmers instead of buying apples and oranges trucked over thousands of miles. Not only that, but since food grown by local, small-scale farmers is often organic, you’ll be healthier too. Local Harvest is an amazing tool that lets you find farmer’s markets, groceries, and even restaurants near you that sell and use locally grown food.
  • Shrink That Footprint: Already set on a Green New Year’s resolution? There’s lots of carbon footprint calculators out there to see how far you’ll need to go, but Berkeley’s gets my vote for being both thorough and easy to use.

If you know of any other websites to help people start 2009 right, please share in the comments section! And Happy New Year!

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Published: December 30, 2008