Hunters, Anglers More Likely To Buy from Companies That Support Conservation

A majority of hunters and anglers say they are more likely to buy products from companies if they support conservation efforts, according to a recent survey.

In November 2008, Southwick Associates surveyed hunters and in another poll surveyed anglers. Respondents were asked if they would be influenced to buy products depending on whether the company supported conservation of wildlife and fisheries resources. 

According to the results, 67 percent of hunters and 52 percent of anglers stated that they are “much more likely” to buy products from conservation-supporting companies.” Moreover, 22 percent of hunters and 29 percent of anglers describe themselves as “slightly more likely” to buy products from such companies.

Only 7 percent of hunters and 14 percent of anglers stated that companies’ support for conservation did not influence their purchasing decisions.

Published: January 8, 2009