March, 2009

Outstanding Scientific Leaders Confirmed

  Yesterday, the Senate confirmed John Holdren as President Obama’s top science adviser and Jane Lubchenco as the Administrator of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Congratulations to both of … Read more

Crist Accepts NWF Award, Asks GOP To Step Up On Clean Energy

National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger presented Gov. Charlie Crist last week with NWF's Conservation Achievement Award for Government. Gov. Crist has helped position Florida as a leader … Read more

EPA Proposes First National Reporting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency recently proposed the first national system for reporting emissions of greenhouse gases produced by major sources in the United States. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said that … Read more

Zogby: 58% Support Obama's Push for Climate Change Action

Nearly three in five likely voters—58 percent—support President Barack Obama’s push for action on climate change outlined in his address to Congress, according to a new Zogby Interactive poll. Of … Read more

Exclusive Footage: Canada Coup at NWF HQ?

I can only describe what I witnessed today as an attempted coup. In what appeared to be a coordinated assault, two Canada geese tried to take over National Wildlife Federation … Read more

America Must Support Efforts to Repower the Auto Industry

National Wildlife Federation President and CEO Larry Schweiger joined General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner today to urge support for GM as it develops a new line of electric cars with … Read more

Obama Comes Out Strong For Carbon Cap At Business Roundtable Meeting

President Obama offered extensive remarks on global warming policy and supported a cap on carbon at a recent Business Roundtable meeting. The president warned the chief executives from some of … Read more

Coastal Louisiana’s Loss: 32 Football Fields a Day

I went to the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference today to hear a talk on coastal Louisiana. Mind boggling! My National Wildlife Federation colleague Susan Kaderka told us … Read more

Community Colleges: Training Clean Energy Workers

Our own Xarissa Holdaway has a story at WorldChanging that describes how some California community colleges are experimenting with green-collar training programs. In many regions, early reports suggest there are … Read more

America Must Support Efforts to Repower the Auto Industry

Cross posting from General Motors’ website: What’s the head of America’s largest conservation organization doing posting on a General Motors blog? Let me start with a story. Back in … Read more