America Must Support Efforts to Repower the Auto Industry

National Wildlife Federation President and CEO Larry Schweiger joined General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner today to urge support for GM as it develops a new line of electric cars with next-generation batteries.

“GM’s efforts address the three inter-related problems facing America—our economic, energy and climate crises. Those problems can be solved by three inter-related solutions—clean energy investment, a smart grid, and next-generation batteries. That’s why GM’s plan is so vital. We can’t get to large-scale renewable energy without large-scale battery storage," Larry Schweiger said today in Washington, D.C.

Next-generation vehicles will get us green jobs across the United States. Those that are being developed by GM are a part of the bold solutions we need to protect jobs and create new ones while we transition away from the dirty fossil fuels that cause global warming.

“GM’s proposed electrification of its vehicles is a transformational change, not only for GM and other auto companies, auto workers, suppliers and the manufacturing sector, but for everyone in this country who uses electricity in any way," Schweiger said.

“We need a cap on carbon pollution and we need to support companies like GM who can help advance the clean energy economy.”

Published: March 19, 2009