Beyond Denial: Climate Opponents Resort to Making Stuff Up

Here's another story from the post-PowerShift rally outside DC's coal-fired power plant. It started as I was getting some video of a handful of "counter-protesters" from the ExxonMobil-funded Competitive Enterprise Institute. But then I started listening to what the woman being interviewed was saying. All of the sudden I thought, "Wait, what did she just say?!"

She was not only denying the scientific consensus around climate change, but claiming that coal-fired power plants emit only steam. For that to be the case, one of two things would have to be true:

  • That coal is a magical product that unlike every other substance on the planet emits only water vapor when burned
  • That somehow the coal plant is able to burn coal yet capture 100 percent of its sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, mercury and other pollution.

Either way, it's far from Reality:

Get more facts on coal-fired power here.

Published: March 5, 2009