AEI: You Can Think Polar Bears are Cute. Or Threatened. But Not Both.

While we’re waiting on a decision from the Obama administration on protecting polar bears, I thought I’d  pass along this little laugher from the American Enterprise Institute:

The National Wildlife Federation, which sells cute little plush polar bears, warns us that “[p]olar bears are literally drowning from global warming, unable to swim the increasingly longer distances between land and receding sea ice.”

I guess AEI thinks that anyone who thinks the polar bear is cute cannot be trusted to rationally interpret a temperature trend chart.

The AEI article then wastes literally hundreds of words attacking the science of polar bear populations before concluding that … well, AEI doesn’t really care about the science. Even if it would admit that global warming is happening and is threatening the polar bears, AEI would still maintain that polar bears “are robust creatures that have survived past periods of extensive deglaciation.”

Hear that, polar bears? Hope you’ve been brushing up on those swimming skills, because AEI won’t throw you a lifeline. Polluting trumps polar bears.

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