Wildlife Heroes: How a Fourth Grade Class Made A Difference

National Wildlife Federation LogoNWF's mission is "to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future," but sometimes, I'm reminded that it isn't our efforts at all, but the determination of children, that convinces me that we can–and will–actually save wildlife.

I had the opportunity to get to know a fourth grade class recently that truly inspired me and my coworkers through their benevolent action and their smart business skills. By holding a fund-raiser at their school, they managed to raise $645 for the National Wildlife Federation.

The Back Story
A few months ago I was contacted by fourth grade teacher Chris Stanvick of The Abbott School in Westford, Massachusetts, who asked if I would be available to video chat with her class via Skype about NWF's mission and the work we do to protect wildlife. Her class was determining what charity they were going to raise money for. With so many causes to support, I found it inspirational that they felt protecting wildlife to be so important.

I have to say it was one of the toughest interviews I've ever done! Every student in the class got to ask me questions about what NWF does to protect wildlife. It was great to see them so engaged in making sure NWF was the cause they wanted to donate to (even if it meant I was put on the hot seat!).

A few days ago, I was invited back into their classroom for another video chat. That's when they told me the news: They had picked NWF, held a fund-raiser, and raised $645 to protect wildlife. I was truly touched! I want to thank Chris Stanvick and her class of devoted fourth graders for their planning and hard work. Wildlife stands a chance with motivated people like you!

Abbot Elementary

Published: June 22, 2009