July, 2009

Efforts to Save the Rare Pallid Sturgeon

A large white and very ancient fish lives in the waters of the Missouri River basin but it is becoming more rare. The Constitution Tribune reports: Pallid sturgeon, which are … Read more

New Study: Shrinking Sea Ice Shrinks Polar Bear Population

A new study calls on Canada to re-examine its policies toward polar bear protection. Bob Weber of the Canadian Press reports: A major international report says the increasingly rapid loss … Read more

Experts: Coral Reefs Need Relief From Climate Change

Could Coral Reefs become a thing of the past within our life time?  A group of wildlife experts seems to think so. David Derbyshire for the Mail Online reports: Children … Read more

Chestnuts to Stop Planet from Roasting?

A revitalized American chestnut tree could be a factor in slowing global warming, according to a new study. But there's a big "if": If scientists can develop a fungus-resistant version … Read more

Poll Finds Americans Favor Emissions Regulation

The successful passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act through the House dovetails with public support for cleaner energy practices. A recent Washington Post-ABC News poll finds that … Read more

Business and Utility CEOs Call for Action on Energy and Climate

In the weeks leading up to last Friday’s crucial House floor vote, scientists and conservationists were far from alone in pushing for comprehensive new energy legislation. In an open letter … Read more

White House: New Light Bulb Standards Could Save Billions

President Obama announced Monday that he has asked Energy Secretary Steven Chu to work toward stricter government efficiency standards for light bulbs. Coming just days after the House approved the … Read more

House Makes Historic Vote for Clean Energy

President Obama’s call for comprehensive energy and climate legislation this year was answered by the House of Representatives in passing the American Clean Energy and Security Act by a 219 … Read more

Great News for Colorado Lynx

This just in from Colorado: The discovery of 10 lynx kittens this spring marks the first newborns documented in Colorado since 2006, heartening biologists overseeing restoration of the mountain feline. … Read more

You spoke…Congress Listened. Now It’s On To the Senate.

As you know, Congress passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act. Now it’s on to the Senate to help move America to a cleaner, brighter energy future. On behalf … Read more