July, 2009

Camping and Scavenger Hunt

Rebecca Cohen of RebeccaPlants.com shares her family’s campout–in writing and video. Read more

Video: NWF Scientist Connects the Dots Between Global Warming, Flooding

Young Eagle Sees Dog As Prey

A Jack Russell Terrier recently had a run-in with a young bald eagle and, it seems, got the worst of the encounter. HometownAnnapolis.com reports: Trubee and Jurchison (dog’s owners) suspect the … Read more

Roofs That Make Electric Power

Roof tops are a huge potential source of power and using solar roof “shingles” show great promise. The Energy Harvesting Journal Reports: A transparent thin film barrier used to protect … Read more

How About A Car That Runs On Air? Really!

A car is due out in 2010 that runs on compressed air and can be “refueled” in a few minutes. It goes 50 mph and can cover 90 to 125 … Read more

What are Baby Raccoons Called…Besides Cute?

Last week, work stopped for a good half hour at the National Wildlife Federation’s headquarters in Reston, VA when a mother raccoon and four babies were spotted climbing precariously around … Read more

Amazing Wildlife Photos and the True Stories Behind Them

Since 1970, National Wildlife® magazine’s annual Photo Contest has attracted wildlife and nature enthusiasts from around the world to share their work and compete with other amateur and professional photographers. … Read more

Update on ACES

There’s news today that the Senate Environment & Public Works Committee is pushing its timetable back a bit on the American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act. I checked in … Read more

New NWF Report: Global Warming Increasing Heavy Storms, Floods

A new National Wildlife Federation report (PDF) warns America is seeing more heavy storms and major floods — and the situation could get far worse if we don’t act now … Read more

More schools setting up green workforce training programs

The Charleston Regional Business Journal reports that Virginia Tech has teamed up with Trident Technical College to develop curriculum in the green sector. According to the article, "the two schools … Read more