July, 2009

Oxfam Says Climate Change Will Ravage Global Food Supply

According to a major anti-poverty organization, unchecked global warming will exacerbate a crisis already being called "the defining human tragedy of this century": hunger. Oxfam International says that global warming … Read more

Momentum Continues as Senate Gears Up for Major Energy Legislation

Just two weeks after the House passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, the Senate is preparing to build on their victory with a broad base of bipartisan support. … Read more

Wind Turbines Installed In Existing Power Line Towers

There are tens of thousands of miles of transmission lines in the U.S. supported by towers that could be fitted with wind turbines. Some wind energy designers are offering an … Read more

New Report: Imperiled Species of the World — The Red List

The International Union for Conservation of Nature recently issued its Red List report — assessing the status of species in the global environment.  The news is The New York Times … Read more

Mysterious Three-Foot Earthworm Up for Protection

The Giant Palouse Earthworm lives in the deep soils of the Palouse region of Idaho and Washington and has been seen only a few times over the course of a … Read more

White Whale Gets Its Own Protection Zone

A unique white humpbacked whale near Australia is getting some special privileges. Photo by: D. Burns. Wire News Services reports: “Australian authorities have warned the public to stay away from … Read more

Thousands Year-Old Process Could Help Defeat Global Warming

Welsh scientists are looking at the ancient practices of Amazonian Indians who developed a process some 6,000 years ago that could help to trap carbon dioxide and lower greenhouse gas … Read more

U.S. Government Maps Best Solar Regions

The need for alternative energy could redefine the American landscape including how it is mapped and ultimately managed. CNet News: GreenTech reports: “The U.S. Bureau of Land Management, in conjunction … Read more

Dramatic Trout Rescue in New Mexico

This time when horsmen came to the rescue, it was to relocate trout. Associated Press reports: “As a lightning-sparked fire charred thousands of acres in southwestern New Mexico, biologists and … Read more

First Study of Rare Egg-Laying Mammal

An elusive nocturnal mammal has finally been studied. Science Daily reports: A Wildlife Conservation Society research intern working in the wilds of Papua New Guinea has successfully completed what many … Read more