August, 2009

California Start-up eSolar Switches on Solar Thermal Plant: Powers 4,000 Homes

A new solar plant in California uses algorithms to power 4,000 homes. Rick Merritt at reports: “The 5 MW Sierra SunTower solar power plant in Lancaster, California, will produce … Read more

Week Four: Bird Nest Discovery

Hunt for bird nests with Jennifer Ward, author of Let’s Go Outside and I Love Dirt. Read more

Highlight of the Week – Lobbying Firm Nabbed for Fraudulent Letters Opposing Clean Energy

It seems opponents of clean energy are increasingly resorting to dirty tactics in their fight against climate legislation. Washington lobbying group Bonner & Associates recently sent fraudulent letters to U.S. … Read more

Economic Message of the Week – Report: Econ Models Sell Efficiency Boost Short

According to a new report by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, adoption of emissions-limiting public policy could cut U.S. energy bills in half by mid-century. Investments in … Read more

Study: Earth Warming Faster Than Expected

A new study finds that the planet is expected to heat up faster than predicted over the next five years. The analysis shows that in the last seven years, a … Read more

Is US Falling Behind In Green Energy Race?

Two U.S. business leaders think we are and that we must do something about it: Green Stocks reports: “[August 3rd]┬áin the Washington Post, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeff Immelt … Read more

Companies Put Electric Trucks on Urban Delivery Routes

High fuel prices caused a Missouri company, Smith Electric Vehicles, to think about rolling out electric trucks for local deliveries. (Photo Sen. Kit Bond) Chris Woodyard at USA Today reports: … Read more

Coal’s Dirty Money Funding Anti-Climate Bill Campaign

The coal industry and utilities have already spent an incredible $77.8 million on lobbying Congress this year. And that figure doesn’t even include all those television ads that bombard the … Read more

Volunteer Opportunities Celebrate United We Serve’s Energy and Environment Issue Week

In support of President Obama’s United We Serve initiative, the National Wildlife Federation will cosponsor three volunteer service activities with the Department of Interior on Wednesday, August 5, in the … Read more

Laid-off Auto Workers Re-train for Green Jobs

America’s community colleges are moving toward re-training America’s workforce. One school in Dearborn, Michigan is an example. The Straits Times reports: “In a crowded classroom at Henry Ford Community College, … Read more