August, 2009

Reno 911! Global Warming Threatens Biggest Little City in the World

Could the short-shorts so infamously worn by a character on Comedy Central’s Reno 911! ever be appropriate? What if average temperatures rise 11 degrees in the lifetime of a child … Read more

Butterfiles Thriving at Los Angeles Airport

It is good to see stories of creatures coming back from extinction. Dan Sanchez at the Epoch Times reports; “The El Segundo Blue Butterflies, once facing extinction, are now thriving … Read more

A Tiny Battery That Stores Enough Solar Energy To Run A House For 24 Hours

A new battery is helping to store enough power to greatly improve the overall effectiveness of alternative energy. Times of India reports: “A Utah-based company has found a new way … Read more

Outdoor Kids: Rain Play

On a hot summer day, sometimes its hard to keep up with new ways of staying cool. One may not have access to a pool, beach, or local swimming hole. … Read more

Leatherback Sea Turtles Want Beaches Too

Last year, with the National Wildlife Federation’s support, a federal nature reserve was established in the Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) of Puerto Rico. The NEC Nature Reserve exists to protect … Read more

If That’s An Army, What’s NWF?

Remember the “American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity” (ACCCE)? That’s the group that hired a lobbying firm in an effort to stop comprehensive climate & energy legislation. The lobbying firm … Read more

Checking in with Utah’s shortened workweek

Almost exactly one year ago, ClimateEdu's premiere issue included a story about several Utah organizations and universities that switched to a four-day workweek schedule on a trial basis, hoping to … Read more

BBC Short Film Young Meerkats Up Close and Personal

BBC’s Simon King on location in Africa has worked for days and weeks to get a Meerkat family to accept him.  In this clip he is close enough to be used … Read more

Amorous Turtles Disrupt Flight Schedules At JFK

After the flap about bird strikes that caused an emergency landing in the Hudson, a lower and slower species was causing problems near Jamaica Bay. “Birds we’ve heard about.  But turtles?  It sounds … Read more

Solar Plant in Colorado Will Generate New Jobs

A new solar plant in Colorado is generating power and 200 new jobs. Amy Lou Jenkins at reports: “Secretary of Interior Ken Salazar visted the High-Tech Solar Panel Plant in … Read more