Is US Falling Behind In Green Energy Race?

Two U.S. business leaders think we are and that we must do something about it:

Green Stocks reports:

Green-energy-image“[August 3rd] in the Washington Post, General Electric (GE) CEO Jeff Immelt and famed venture capitalist John Doerr wrote an op ed piece highlighting the failure of the US to take the lead in green energy and the emergence of China as the leader.

Some interesting facts:

– China cars are 35% more fuel efficient
– they spend 10x what the US does as a % of GDP on green energy
– China on track to create 150,000 jobs through the deployment of 120GW of wind power within 10 years
– US is home to only one of the top 5 wind turbine manufacturers (GE)
– US is home to just one of the top 10 solar panel producers (hmm.. I thought it was two – FSLR, SPWRA)
– US is home to just two of the top advanced battery makers.  See full article.

(Image: Green DC)