December, 2009

Momentous Battle to Save the Great Lakes is On

A momentous battle to save the Great Lakes from one of the worst invasive species imaginable is being waged in an artificial canal south of Chicago. Watch Andy Buchsbaum, director … Read more

New Report Out – Coal’s Assault on Human Health

Listen to television ads that promote “clean coal” a thousand times over and you will soon begin to believe that clean coal actually exists. At least that’s the aim of … Read more

NWF Activist Joins White House Clean Energy Economy Forum

The Obama administration is hosting Clean Energy Economy Forum at the White House tonight. Read more

Highlight of the Week: U.S. to Set Emissions Targets Before Copenhagen

President Obama will announce specific near-term carbon emissions targets in the coming days with an eye on U.S. Senate approval in the months ahead, setting the stage for The United Nations climate change summit … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: On Emissions, Companies Get Responsible

More major companies are moving to curb their carbon pollution, and it appears to be good for their bottom line.   A survey of 90 major American companies by Climate Counts found that most … Read more

Editorial of the Week: Unfinished Business By Larry Schweiger, NWF President, in the National Journal

Hope springs eternal, but the idea of waiting to "spring" for Senate action doesn't fill me with hope. In 2010, the Senate will convene in January, not March. The Senate's … Read more

China, U.S. Strike Carbon Data Deal

The U.S. and China have agreed to cooperate on tracking China's carbon emissions, answering critics who claim the commitments made by the world's leading carbon polluter lack transparency, and setting the stage … Read more

Religious Community Pushing Climate Action

As global warming takes center stage in the U.S. Senate and at next month's United Nations climate change conference in Copenhagen, faith leaders are emphasizing that addressing carbon pollution is … Read more

House Natural Resources Committee Approves Ocean, Coastal, and Watershed Education Act

The U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources recently approved legislation expanding key watershed and environmental education programs at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).  Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23) introduced … Read more

Oceans Waning As Effective Carbon Sink

A new study finds that the world's oceans are becoming less efficient at absorbing carbon, likely due to emissionsbuildup over the last 30 years. "The more carbon dioxide the ocean absorbs, the more … Read more