December, 2009

Good Science in Congress

Yesterday Dr. John Holdren and Dr. Jane Lubchenco testified on the latest climate science in front of the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. These two top … Read more

Keeping Score on Global Climate Talks

As the international climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Denmark prepare to get underway next week, a team of scientists has introduced a new tool called the Climate Scoreboard.
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5 Tips for Sharing the Road (and the Love) With Wildlife

I've been inspired by Subaru's Share the Love Event, where Subaru donates $250 to one of five charities (NWF included!) for every one of their cars purchased or leased, and … Read more

Highlight of the Week: Obama to Copenhagen as Momentum Builds

Amid calls for broader international engagement in efforts to curb global warming, President Obama will commit the U.S. to carbon pollution reductions when he travels to next month's United Nations Climate Change Conference in … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: DOE Allocates $620 Million in Smart Grid Grants

The Energy Department recently announced the allocation of $620 million in stimulus grants to projects that test smart grid technology and energy storage capabilities with an eye toward building a more efficient … Read more

Editorial of the Week: Don't Delay on Climate by the Times Editorial Board in the St. Petersburg Times

Big business has started to accept that burning fossil fuels is not sustainable and that profits are to be made by developing clean technologies. The nation's largest generator of nuclear … Read more

Poll: Majority Back Carbon Cuts

According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll, a majority of Americans believe in global warming and support efforts to reduce carbon pollution.   The poll's findings show that 72 percent of respondents think … Read more

China Announces Reduction Targets

China has announced plans to curb carbon pollution and improve energy efficiency as part of the lead-up to next month's United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.   China's State Council pledged that the … Read more

Officials: Global Warming Unhealthy

Officials from the U.S. and Britain say the issue of global warming's effects on human health deserves major billing at the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.   "Relying on … Read more

Dalai Lama Urges Climate Action

The Dalai Lama is asking leaders to take decisive action to curb carbon pollution and act in the "global interest" to reduce climate change.   "Taking care of the environment … Read more