February, 2010

Global Warming May Drive Coral Species to ESA Protection

The White House is considering Endangered Species Act protection for 82 coral species threatened by water conditions linked to global warming. Announced in the Federal Register, a formal status review will be launched … Read more

FWS Shifts Focus to Climate Change for FY 2011

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is gearing up for fiscal 2011 with a priority shift: namely, more attention and funds dedicated to climate change research and management. "The budget does … Read more

Climate Change May Push Redwood Decline

According to a new report, climate change may be thinning San Francisco's coastal fog and threatening giant redwoods. "Fog prevents water loss from redwoods in summer, and is really important for … Read more

New Report Shows Colorado’s Streams and Wetlands Endangered

A new report highlights threats to Colorado’s waters and wetlands under regulatory guidance resulting from two Supreme Court Cases. The report identifies five cases where the loss of Clean Water … Read more

Animal Olympians – Part 1

The Olympics have begun!  While human Olympians have amazing physical abilities, for wild animals, strength, speed, agility and endurance mean more than just medals, they are a matter of survival.  … Read more

You Can Help The Great Backyard Bird Count

 The weekend of February 12 through the 15th marks the Great Backyard Bird Count, a nationwide effort by many distinguished organizations concerned with wild birds in the U.S. The sponsors … Read more

IOC: “Global Warming is Definitely a Factor” in Winter Games

As the Winter Games in Vancouver draw near, a major problem is coming to light. A record-setting January has left the city with a snow shortage.
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Oddball Winter Weather – More Intense Storms

By Larry J. Schweiger As the East Coast is experiencing another big snowstorm, I thought I’d highlight National Wildlife Federation’s recently released report “Oddball Winter Weather: Global Warming’s Wakeup Call … Read more

Yep, There’s Something in the Water

 The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) was created to ensure protection of the public’s drinking water supply. BUT, not all processes that introduce pollutants into water are being supervised right … Read more

Clean Energy Week

It’s Clean Energy Week in Washington! The National Wildlife Federation is one of more than 100 businesses & organizations partnering on the week. The organizers of Clean Energy Week assert … Read more