February, 2010

Papercrete workshop at Coconino College

Turning Junk Mail Into Concrete

By Maryruth Belsey Priebe     Students Kim, Shana and Emily set papercrete blocks as part of a workshop at Coconino Community College. (Joe Costion) Students of the University of … Read more

Wind Turbines

New Financing Tools Help Push for Clean Energy

For anyone interested in serious reductions in global warming pollution on campus, the new report “Financing Sustainability on Campus,”written by Ben Barlow and edited by Andrea Putman, is an indispensable … Read more

Do You Have A Favorite Animal Olympian?

By Larry J. Schweiger I’ve been enjoying the Olympics this week, watching the amazing physical abilities, grace and beauty of the Olympic athletes. But for wildlife, their strength, speed and … Read more

Highlight of the Week: Obama to Address CEOs as Push for Climate Bill Mounts

President Obama is scheduled to address major U.S. CEOs this week and discuss energy and climate plans for the coming year, with special focus on a "hybrid" climate bill capable of winning … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: Dept. of Energy Announces $1.37 Billion in Loans for Solar Power Plants

The Department of Energy announced "conditional commitments" for more than $1.37 billion in loan guarantees to support the construction of three major solar power plants. "This is an investment in American jobs … Read more

Editorial of the Week: Despite 50-plus inches, no ice age is here (Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star)

While we are digging out from under the snow here in the Fredericksburg area, some people are trying to use the storms to bury the idea that global warming is … Read more

Key EPA Climate Finding Under Attack

Big business groups and others have filed 16 lawsuits challenging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's authority to reduce carbon pollution that contributes to global warming. "[The lawsuits are a] continuation of the … Read more

China Confirms Emissions Reduction Commitment

Months after the Copenhagen Accord laid the groundwork for a comprehensive international climate plan, one of the world's most carbon-polluting nations re-affirmed that it is working to reduce emissions and fight global … Read more

Study: More Severe Hurricanes as Global Warming Ramps Up

Scientists now say increased global warming in the years to come is likely to result in fewer hurricanes. The kicker? The storms we do get may be more severe than … Read more

Proposed Rule Would Spur Feds to Consider Climate Impacts

The Obama administration has released a draft proposal directing federal agencies to consider global warming implications before they take major action as part of a new order that would expand the 40-year-old … Read more