February, 2010

“I Don’t Remember. I Can’t Recall”

By Larry J. Schweiger Congressman Joe Barton of Texas has received almost $100,000 for a share in a natural gas well he purchased from longtime campaign supporter Walter Mize. When … Read more

Do Your Kids Draw? Enter Their Masterpieces in the Endangered Species Day Art Contest

Do you know a child who loves to play outside and learn about nature? Do your kids draw amazing pictures of animals, birds, fish or plants? Join the Endangered Species … Read more

Animal Olympians – Part 2

The second in our series on animals with gold-medal-worthy abilities in celebration of the Olympics. Lynx and Snowshoe HareWhen it comes to ability to navigate deep snows, it’s anyone’s guess … Read more

Symons: Senate Must Stay Focused on the Future

If corporate polluters succeed, we all lose. We will lose the clean energy race, and those jobs will go to Beijing instead of Virginia. Read more

A smaller footprint for the biggest schools

A new resource from the National Renewable Energy Lab aims to help large, four-year research institutions reach their carbon neutrality goals. Split into five sections, the site details the steps … Read more

Dirty Air Act Backers Feeling the Heat

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) already took a public drubbing when she introduced the so-called Dirty Air Act. Now, three more senators are in the line of fire for co-sponsoring her bill.
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Highlight of the Week: NASA: New Panel to Further Copenhagen Work, Help Poor Nations Fight Global Warming

The United Nations has announced the creation of a new financing panel to jump-start developing countries' ability to fight global warming as part of December's Copenhagen Accord. The Advisory Group on Climate … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: Building Energy Efficiency Projects Net Millions in Funding

The White House has announced a plan to make buildings more energy efficient while driving regional economic growth, according to the Department of Energy "This unique partnership will not only … Read more

Editorial of the Week: Emissions Backtrack (Bangor Daily News)

Last year – finally – the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency decided that greenhouse gas emissions are harmful to public health, and, therefore, should be regulated. The overdue decision came with … Read more

Rapid Climate Shifts Make Identification Difficult

According to a new study, shifts in climate can happen rapidly and unexpectedly, making it hard to identify so-called "tipping points." "Our new study found, unfortunately, that regime shifts with potentially … Read more