March, 2010

How Much Oil Under Arctic Refuge? Drilling Proponents Wildly Off

How much oil sits under the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge? An informal survey shows some of the people yelling “drill baby drill” the loudest have very little idea. Read more

United Nations Rejects Ban on Bluefin Tuna Exports and International Polar Bear Trade

Yesterday, on March 18th, 2010, the United Nations rejected a proposal to ban export of the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. This U.S.-backed proposal was defeated after major lobbying by the Japanese. … Read more

Conservation Leaders: Draft Senate Climate Bill Shows Progress

A coalition of 20 clean energy & conservation organizations, including the National Wildlife Federation, issued this statement on the coming Kerry-Graham-Lieberman Senate clean energy & climate bill today: Read more

National Wildlife Week: Friday Frogs And Flowers

Spring officially starts this Saturday, March 20—mark the occasion by continuing to celebrate the 73rd annual National Wildlife Week! Because it’s Friday, and I’m big on alliteration, let’s take a closer look at flatlining frogs and fantastic flowers.
Read more

National Wildlife Week: Thursday’s Tiny Treasures Think You’re The “Creepy” One

It’s National Wildlife Week, and we hope today’s post won’t make you too scared to look under that rock in your yard. There may be creepy crawlies (a.k.a invertebrates) living … Read more

Public Lands, Private Profit: NBC Looks at Need for Mining Reform

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy You can learn more about the National Wildlife Federation’s efforts to modernize America’s mining laws at Read more

New Developments on Senate Climate Bill – And What We Have to Gain

There was a flurry of new developments on a Senate clean energy & climate bill yesterday. Read more

Climate Change Hits Home

By Larry J. Schweiger Climate change is hitting home, here and now, in some ways that maybe you might not have expected.  Check out this video. Read more

Do Figures Lie or Do Liars Figure? The Lomborg Deception

By Larry J. Schweiger The writings of leading climate-change skeptic, Bjørn Lomborg (a Danish statistician) sheds light on an age old question, “Do Figures Lie or do Liars Figure? In … Read more

National Wildlife Week: Wild Wednesday’s Green Mutants!

I personally haven’t had any Irish luck finding four-leaved mutants, have you? Have a wild, wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and National Wildlife Week! Read more