March, 2010

Another top ten

We focus a lot on facilities and the operational side of sustainability on this blog, but the research being done on campuses is equally important, so we'd like to draw … Read more

Help Stop Mine Waste Dumping

The Clean Water Act has been protecting our waters from harmful pollutants since 1972, but loopholes in this critical law are leaving many rivers, lakes and streams vulnerable. Mining companies … Read more

It’s National Wildlife Week on Wildlife Promise, and beyond!

It is National Wildlife Week, and NWF hopes children will take a walk on the wild side this week—and stay there, for their physical health and engagement with the natural world. Read more

Highlight of the Week: Senate Bill in the Works Amidst Clean Air Attacks

On Tuesday, the Obama administration signaled a fresh commitment to moving a climate bill this year, bringing together a bipartisan group of 14 key Senators and top cabinet officials for … Read more

Economic Message of the Week: DOE Loan Guarantee Invests in Hawaiian Wind Power Project

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced the Department of Energy's conditional commitment to a $117 million loan guarantee for a new wind energy project in Kahuku, Hawaii that could avert nearly 160 million pounds of … Read more

Editorial of the Week: Getting global warming right (Los AngelesTimes)

Although the IPCC errors have cast some light on the problems that arise when policymakers' demands for hard numbers conflict with the uncertainties of climate forecasting, they have done nothing … Read more

China May Launch First 'Cap and Trade' System

The northeast port city of Tianjin, China, may launch a cap-and-trade system by June, making it the first such case in the world's most pollution-heavy nation. "Pursuing energy efficiency has truly risen … Read more

Education and Training Leaders To Senate: Pass Clean Energy Bill Now

Education and training leaders from across the nation are encouraging their Senators to pass comprehensive climate and clean energy legislation that will put a cap on global warming pollution and fund education … Read more

Ag Groups Rally Against Dirty Air Act

While Dirty Air Act advocates seek ways to handcuff the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a diverse cast of organizations is pushing for the regulation of carbon pollution and other emissions tied to … Read more

Conservation Groups, Scientists, Economists Call for Senate to Act on Climate

Leaders from dozens of conservation organizations joined together today, with a rally in front of the Capitol calling for action. Read more