March, 2010

Summer Days

With the spring semester ending in a few months, students are making break plans and some universities are taking a close look at their buildings to see where they can … Read more

Obama Calls Key Senators to White House to Talk Clean Energy & Climate

President Obama continues to push the U.S. Senate to pass a clean energy & climate bill this year: Obama hosted a bipartisan White House meeting Tuesday afternoon with roughly 15 … Read more

Climate Capsule: Alarming Arctic News & Polluters’ Bizarro World

This week’s edition of the Climate Capsule covers: A new study on methane being released from the Arctic & its impact on the climate crisis The latest on a Senate … Read more

Do you think this is worth covering?

By Larry J. Schweiger Scientists from the University of Alaska have discovered that much larger amounts of methane gas are leaking from beneath the Arctic seabed that had been estimated … Read more

Clearing the Air on Climate Science

What’s critical to understand is that since that 2007 IPCC report, the science has only grown more urgent, the evidence more clear. Read more

Reliving Your Nature Memories During National Wildlife Week

For those of you who didn’t know, National Wildlife Week (March 15th – 21st 2010) is one of NWF’s  oldest traditions and this year we’re asking you to make a … Read more

Water Projects for Wildlife

Know what you can do to help this white pelican? Anytime the government decides to build a levy, a dam, or other similar projects, they follow 25 year-old principles and … Read more

Education, Union Leaders in Washington to Support Clean Energy Jobs

Union leaders, community college presidents, and members of the jobs training community flocked to Washington, D.C. this week. The diverse group of leaders traveled from 10 states with one common purpose: … Read more

Spotlight (finally!) shines on sage-grouse

 If you have ever seen a sage-grouse, whether in a photo, video or in person, you don’t need me to tell you it’s a one-of-kind gem. Nevertheless, the sage-grouse and … Read more

Campaigning for credit

Some Kansas University students are giving students credit for making their campus more green, as reported here by the Lawrence Journal: "When leaders at the KU Energy Council and Center … Read more