As Oil Spills Spread, Big Oil Tries To Bully Senators

Unbelievable. Even after Senate Democrats postponed action on clean energy & climate legislation in favor of a much smaller package of BP oil disaster response measures, Big Oil says it’s still too much. In fact, American Petroleum Institute President & CEO Jack Gerard even held a press conference today to viciously attack any legislative response to the BP oil disaster.

This is from the oil spill in the kalamazoo river in MI! Cont... on Twitpic

But the oil spills just keep coming. In Louisiana today, a tugboat hit a wellhead, sending a geyser of oil 20 feet into the air just a few hundred feet from wetlands. And in Michigan this week, a major oil spill sent more than 800,000 gallons of oil into the Kalamazoo River, making it one of the worst oil disasters in the history of America’s Midwest.

Adam Kolton, the National Wildlife Federation’s director of Congressional & federal affairs, says it’s time for our leaders to take a stand. We can’t continue letting Big Oil dictate our national energy policies: