Phone Calls for Endangered Sea Turtles

Loggerhead sea turtle. Photo by Damien du Toit.
Loggerhead sea turtle. Photo by Damien du Toit.
Every year, when water temperatures warm, endangered loggerhead sea turtles visit Maryland’s coast and the Chesapeake Bay.  They often return to the same feeding area each year and in between nesting periods to eat a variety of prey including jellyfish, crabs, and whelks.

But the loggerhead sea turtle is at risk as severe storms and sea level rise caused by climate change erode the beaches where they go to raise their young.

Climate change is accelerating faster than scientists predicted even five years ago and is threatening wildlife habitat along the coast. So it’s even more critical now that we shift away from fossil fuels.  We can help protect the future of sea turtles and other wildlife by transitioning away from burning coal, oil and gas that fuels climate change.

A Better Future for Sea Turtles

Maryland state senators are about to vote on a renewable energy bill that would bring clean energy to Maryland—and cut the carbon pollution that is harming endangered loggerhead sea turtles.  Sea turtles are depending on all of us to reduce our use of dirty energy—and the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards bill helps get Maryland there by setting an achievable goal of 40% renewable energy in the state by 2025.

Thousands of Marylanders across the state are joining together today to make an important difference for sea turtles in the Atlantic Ocean that are being harmed by the impacts of climate change—by making a phone call to their state senator and urging them to vote yes for renewable energy.

Take Action Button Marylanders!  Help create a better future for sea turtles by making a quick call for renewable energy.