Wendy Williams Celebrates Urban Wildlife Week

Today, the National Wildlife Federation’s naturalist and media personality David Mizejewski brought some wildlife ambassadors to the Wendy Williams Show to help spread the word about Urban Wildlife Week.

Kicking off on October 16th, Urban Wildlife Week was created to put a spotlight on issues facing wildlife that share our cities and towns, and to raise awareness for the importance of habitat connectivity for both wildlife and people living in our urban areas. P-22, the famous mountain lion who crossed two major freeways before finding a home in Griffith Park in the middle of Los Angeles, is the face of the campaign.

Watch the video to hear David explain how animals as different and unexpected as baboons, porcupines and Arctic foxes — as well as some well-known species like opossums — are impacted by urban environments. Then get involved by learning more and supporting Urban Wildlife Week:

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