Save the Wild Things, Save Ourselves

Delivering the Wildlife Climate March message to decision-makers in Washington, D.C.

Species throughout our nation – including moose, sea turtles, and polar bears — are in serious jeopardy due to rising temperatures and sea levels, drought, pests, wildfires, and severe storms exacerbated by climate pollution. The Administration, and some in Congress, aim to roll back or cut programs that limit climate pollution from power plants, auto emissions, and oil and gas drilling. They also seek to slash funding for important research and clean technology.

Wildlife champions from across the country came together online and in force during the People’s Climate March to tell their stories and share pictures of the wildlife and wild places that matter most to them. We’ve compiled most of these stories to memorialize this passion for confronting climate change. See messages from hundreds of communities representing vastly different geographies and neighborhoods – from remote Lowell Point, Alaska, to sprawling Los Angeles, California, to suburban Naperville, Illinois, to vulnerable Cumberland Island, Georgia – and the calls for our leaders in Washington D.C. to take action:

Wildlife and wild lands can’t wait for a safer climate.  Americans want to see concrete action to protect these national treasures.

Our National Advocacy Center staff and friends of wildlife are hand-delivering these messages in printed booklets to Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of the Interior. We will be bringing all march messages with us, including those not in the booklet.

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TAKE ACTION TODAY: Tell Congress to step up and take real action to fight pollution that changes our climate, and protect clean air, water, and land.