October, 2019

New Rule Takes Aim at State and Tribal Rights to Protect Clean Water

The Trump Administration is currently trying to dramatically reduce the streams, wetlands, and other waters protected from pollution and destruction under the Clean Water Act. At the same time, they’re …

An elk in the Rocky Mountains.

From Sacred Majesty to Sound Management

Whether it’s seeing Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep scale steep cliffs in the Carson National Forest or watching a golden eagle soar high above the Santa Fe National Forest, such sacred …

A California condor takes flight over Pinnacles National Park. Wildlife like the condor need the Recovering America's Wildlife Act to thrive.

Reintroducing Wildlife: 5 Species for Hope

A tiny Karner blue butterfly sips from a lupine flower in New Hampshire, while far away a California condor soars over Big Sur. Meanwhile, a Texas horned lizard snags its …

Energy dominance threatens America’s wildlife

The Trump administration’s energy dominance strategy is wreaking havoc on our nation’s public lands and wildlife. Areas once thought too sensitive to ever be considered for oil and gas and …

Sustainability in Higher Education Outlook for the 2019-2020 School Year

Ranger Rick Magazine Honors Executive Editor Bob Dunne for his…

A Canada Goose skimming lake surface.

The Untitled Goose Blog

Eco-Schools USA October Newsletter

If you’re trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be. ~Maya Angelou The end of September saw youth around the world organize, speak and march, …

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