July, 2024

A large, silver-gray what can be seen in the water from above.

Rethinking Hydropower to Restore Northwest Rivers

The Department of Interior recently released the Tribal Circumstances Analysis, which acknowledged that the construction and operation of 11 hydroelectric dams on the Columbia and Snake rivers has had a … Read more

Wide view of a lush, green forest.

Why is Carbon Management Relevant to Louisiana?

Carbon management, an umbrella term that refers to a suite of technologies and practices, is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions before they enter the atmosphere or removing … Read more

View of some sort of power plant located very close to a residential neighborhood.

Carbon Management Community Concerns in Louisiana

Carbon management is supported by corporations and the state government in Louisiana for its potential to reduce emissions and support the industrial economy. Yet, despite the potential for Louisiana to … Read more

Students on Climate: “We’re Taking Matters Into Our Own Hands”

Taking Climate Education Into Their Own Hands All across New York state and the world, K-16 climate education is extremely limited. The National Wildlife Federation’s intergenerational Climate and Resilience Education … Read more

A close up photo of a firefly mid-flight.

5 Ways to Support Fireflies in Your Yard

Catching a firefly is like catching a star. It’s a core memory for many American children: the crisp summer evening air, the far-off songs of insects and frogs, and the … Read more

A medium-sized slim bird with brown, black, and white feathers walks into the water.

Geothermal: Heat that can help

Despite all the doom and gloom often associated with lack of government response to the climate crisis, there is much to feel positive about. Wind and solar power generation is … Read more