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Climate Activists Dwarf Exxon Mobil-Funded Counter Protest

After the PowerShift '09 rally in front of the Capitol, hundreds of students marched on DC's coal-fired power plant in support of clean energy, green jobs and climate action. It … Read more

NWF’s Larry Schweiger Visits PowerShift ’09

National Wildlife Federation President & CEO Larry Schweiger visited to Capitol Hill today to show his support for the thousands of students rallying at PowerShift ’09. As Larry waited for … Read more

Van Jones Addresses PowerShift ’09

Have you ever heard Van Jones speak? If you haven’t, take 10 minutes to watch this video from this weekend’s PowerShift ’09 conference: Meanwhile, DC is getting a reminder that … Read more

Video: How Cap-and-Trade Works

Ever since President Obama called on Congress to pass a carbon cap, we've been getting questions about how a cap-and-trade system would work. Here's a short video explaining it, take … Read more

President Obama: “It begins with energy.”

That was how President Obama introduced his roadmap for economic recovery last night in his first address to Congress (read the text or watch the video). The President knows we … Read more

Previewing President Obama’s First Congressional Address

President Obama will be on national television tonight at 9pm eastern. He'll deliver his first presidential  address to Congress, laying out his plans for the year ahead. It's a remarkable … Read more

George Will Still Doesn’t Get the ’70s

No, not the cultural side of the '70s (though judging by that haircut and those glasses, I doubt he was loving the disco era). I'm talking about the decade's temperatures. … Read more

Stimulus Bill a Unique Chance to Repower America’s Economy

As a Congressional conference committee considers final changes to the economic recovery package,  the National Wildlife Federation has joined a coalition of conservation organizations to send a joint letter to … Read more

Sen. Boxer Unveils Principles for Global Warming Legislation

Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, held a press conference this morning to release her principles for global warming legislation. Larry Schweiger, president … Read more

Gore Tells Senate Committee We Need New Global Climate Treaty

And we’re live from Union Station in Washington, DC! I just came from Dirksen Senate Office Building, where I was one of about 75 people who didn’t get into today’s … Read more