Previewing President Obama’s First Congressional Address

PresidentobamaPresident Obama will be on national television tonight at 9pm eastern. He'll deliver his first presidential 
address to Congress, laying out his plans for the year ahead.

It's a remarkable moment. In the economic recovery package, President Obama and his allies in Congress have just delivered the largest investment in clean energy in America’s history. Contrary to Washington’s conventional wisdom, the public has rewarded them with approval ratings as high as ever.

A November poll from Zogby International showed three in five voters
say elected officials should make combating global warming “a high
priority.” Additionally, three in four voters agreed that investing in
clean energy is important to revitalizing America’s economy.

As President Obama prepares a new push for comprehensive climate and energy legislation with a cap on global warming pollution, he has broad support from Americans behind him. Delay is not an option. It's time for Congress to get on board.

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Published: February 24, 2009