Senate Energy Bill: I want my MPG…

The Energy Bill will be wrapped up this week one way or another, as Majority Leader Harry Reid filed a motion for cloture yesterday, signaling debate and voting on the … Read more

Sportsmen Seeing Global Warming

I recently went to Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky to talk with the League of Kentucky Sportsmen about their conservation priorities. Like other sportsmen’s groups around the country that I’ve been talking … Read more

Senate Energy Bill: Final Week (?)

The Senate begins its second week debating the energy bill. This bill has tremendous implications for global warming and wildlife. With a handful of votes this week, the Senate could … Read more

Catch the Wave

Last week when I was in Boulder, Colorado, I met Representative Cynthia Thielen from Hawaii. We had a fascinating discussion on the possibility of wave power. She sent over some … Read more

Senate Energy Bill: “The First Step”

Yesterday began with the environmental community’s less than favorite Senator, Jim “Hoax” Inhofe, proposing an amendment to require oil companies to build more refineries. (Nothing quite like requiring more oil … Read more

Showing the Way: Corporate Leadership

Intel and Google announced yesterday that they are coming together with a consortium of major technology companies to implement the Climate Savers Computing Initiative. This energy-saving initiative will reduce global … Read more

Bush Seeks to Mediate on Climate Change

Check out this article to see a quote from NWF President and CEO, Larry Schweiger, and learn more about how global warming became a central theme of the G-8 summit. … Read more

Some American Cities Driven to Combat Global Warming

New York City, which has ordered all cabs to "go green" within five years, has joined the growing list of 522 cities self-implementing regulations to cut down on their global … Read more

PSC Bars Coal-Fired Plant

Concerns about global warming persuaded Florida’s Public Service Commission to reject a plan by the state’s largest utility to build a $5.7 billion coal-fired power plant near Everglades National Park. … Read more

NASA Stresses Ten-Year Window

New research from NASA and the Columbia University Earth Institute warns of severe consequences from global warming if we do not curb our production of global warming pollution within the … Read more