EPA Report Details Potential Health Impacts of Global Warming

NWF   |   July 20, 2008

The Environmental Protection Agency released a report Thursday about the impact of climate change on human health. In addition to some of the health impacts directly caused by warming (threats from heat waves, temperature related affects on Ozone, etc) some of the most hazardous human health impacts occur because of, or are made worse by, the degradation of natural resources.

Read the EPA’s "Analyses of the Effects of Global Change on Human Health and Welfare and Human Systems"

The report lists wildfires and hurricanes and storm surge as some of the most dangerous impacts of global warming to human health. Unfortunately none of the "potential adaptation strategies" listed by the report include investing in protecting natural resources. Instead the strategies include better public health advisories and coordinated relief efforts. Healthy coastal wetlands and healthy forests can and do prevent the worst impacts of wildfires, hurricanes and storm surges. But as development and global warming threaten our wetlands and forests, it is imperative we invest in these resource to protect human health.

Read a synopsis of the report…

Published: July 20, 2008