Global Warming May be Behind Increase in Insects and Disease-Carrying Animals

Rising temperatures may be the cause of a population boom in insects and disease-caring animals.  Experts warn that with the arrival of summer, extra care needs to be taken to … Read more

Where Will You Be on 07-07-07?

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MIT Analysis of Climate Bills

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Moving Beyond Kyoto

In a recent op-ed to the New York Times, Al Gore explains why America must quickly act to lead the world in reducing our global warming pollution. Read the article … Read more

Ford and Chrysler Join USCAP

Recognizing the need for a national approach to climate change both Ford and Chrysler joined General Motors in the United States Climate Action Partnership, a group of businesses and environmental … Read more

Resorts Get into Global Warming

Worried about the effects of global warming on their business, the ski industry is now speaking publicly about the need for action to curb global warming.  Read this story to … Read more

Cap-and-Trade Expectations Grow on Capitol Hill

Momentum towards a mandatory limit on greenhouse gas emissions is growing on Capitol Hill.  Click this link to learn more: Download greenwire_article1.pdfPhoto: Read more

Changing Climate on Capitol Hill

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Today, the Eagle Soars

Today marks an important moment in our nation’s conservation history and it’s one that conservationists everywhere will look back on with pride – on June 28, 2007, we officially removed … Read more

What Would Ding Say?

In 1936, at the North American Wildlife Conference, legendary conservationist and political cartoonist "Ding" Darling addressed a group of conservationists to discuss how to best address the most pressing issues … Read more