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CBO Counts Costs of Climate Action, But Not Benefits?

10/15/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

If only Paul Harvey were still with us! It seems Douglas W. Elmendorf is having some trouble telling the rest of the story. The Congressional Budget Office director testified on Capitol Hill yesterday about the economic impacts of clean energy …

The Future is In Our Hands

10/7/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

Sometimes change happens in small shifts, sometimes in a bit of an earthquake. So there we were on the same day Senators Kerry and Boxer released the Clean Energy and American Power Act for Senate consideration, the CIA announced a …

Today’s Choices, Tomorrow’s World

9/16/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

We shouldn’t be surprised with the latest national youth poll that demonstrates that the generation that will inherit the worst impacts of global warming are ready to hold lawmakers accountable. Two-thirds of likely voters between the ages of 18-29 say …

Will China and India Race Past America on Clean Energy?

7/22/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

OK, so did you catch the irony on this one? In Friday’s Washington Post, Economy and Business section: Top half of the page: Fed Sees Heightened Joblessness Drawing Out Recovery Bottom half of the page: Asian Nations Could Outpace U.S. …

30 Years Later, Finally Time for Change?

7/15/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

I was really struck by the piece by Gordon Stewart in the New York Times today, Carter’s Speech Therapy. Stewart reminds us that it was 30 years ago today when President Jimmy Carter spoke from the Oval Office to 100 …

Into the Belly of the Beast – Schweiger Takes on Conservative Radio Host

5/15/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

Real leadership is uncomfortable. It involves the willingness to do whatever it takes to promote truth – even if it means walking right into enemy territory – right into the belly of the beast. It involves facing the opposition with …

What Are We Waiting For?

5/6/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

There’s nothing like going to a college campus to remind you about what’s really at stake. The University of St. Thomas Students for Sustainability invited me to the campus to talk about global warming. Lois Quam, National Wildlife Federation Board …

Global Warming: New Challenge to Protecting Southeast U.S. Wildlife

4/3/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

On April Fool’s Day the New York Times gave us yet another look into the impacts of global warming in the editorial, State of Birds. A third of bird species in America are endangered, threatened or in serious decline, caused …

Coastal Louisiana’s Loss: 32 Football Fields a Day

3/19/2009 // By Jennifer Jones

I went to the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference today to hear a talk on coastal Louisiana. Mind boggling! My National Wildlife Federation colleague Susan Kaderka told us that every day, Louisiana loses an area of coastal wetlands …

Getting “OUT” is “IN”

11/7/2008 // By Jennifer Jones

In the spirit of change that is coming to the land, National Wildlife Federation offers a post-election take on our changing political landscape. The National Wildlife Federation’s What’s Out and What’s In list pasted below provides a new perspective on …

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